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About BarWaiter

About BarWaiter

Designed and developed
specifically to meet with COVID-19 regulations

Designed and developed specifically to meet the needs of the hospitality sector

BarWaiter is a web-application for any pub, restaurant, hotel, or cafe who wants to streamline their business, offer their customers real peace of mind, and meet with COVID-19 guidelines and GDPR.

No downloads, no geo-location tracking, just easy to implement, and easy to use

BarWaiter was recently conceived and developed by John Stutely. John is a highly experienced digital product designer and developer. He also likes to drink in pubs, quite a lot.

He has worked in digital design and development since 1993, his first website published in early 1994. Over the years John has worked on projects for Fujitsu, Finnair, The Department of Trade and Industry, RAF, CITB, and many, many more. He has also developed a fair few hospitality industry websites over the years.

John was working on his own product, an advanced e-commerce system when the COVID-19 lockdown was introduced. Focusing on speed, security, and accessibility for people with disabilities, the system was complete and ready for market.

However, given the market uncertainties, it was the wrong time to launch it. Predicting that pubs would shut down and new rules would come on to place, John began adapting his system for table service in pubs, bars, restaurants, and cafés.

When the pubs did shut down, in the absence of an excuse to go for a beer, John turned his full attention to the BarWaiter app. A beta version was ready when a call came from The Eagle, a well respected, popular Public House on Newmarket Road in Norwich. This was the day the government announced that pubs could open, but with restrictions.

John has known the landlord, James Linder, for some years. John actually knows quite a few Landlords for some reason. Anyway, the question: ‘You wouldn’t, by any chance, have some technology that might help us?’ The answer: ‘As it happens, yes, but it needs field testing.’

So, development was completed and BarWaiter was ready on the 3rd of July. By opening time, 12 noon, on the 4th of July James had entered most of his stock with all their variants, pint/half, double/single, mixers, and so on.

The pub was able to open and the app has been well received by the manager, staff and even the customers who feel The Eagle has done everything it can to protect their interests.

There has been some great feedback which has helped iron out any kinks. Using the feedback John has been able to make the whole process even more intuitive, smoother and more efficient.

John will continue to listen to thoughts and new ideas to improve an already highly professional table service solution. The Eagle continues to update their stock and photos.

The way it works couldn’t be easier.

You can read the testimonial from the Eagle pub here