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Pricing and set up

Pricing and set up

Clear and simple pricing
with no commitment

BarWaiter costs the equivalent of just half a pint of beer a day.

To set it all up for you there is a one-off cost of £99, then it is just £1.97 per day billed monthly.

Monthly fee

Payment of £59.92 (per venue) is due on the last day of every month, for as long as you use BarWaiter. There is no commitment, you may suspend or cancel your account at any time. Please see the terms of business for full details.

BarWaiter is billed monthly and is calculated at £1.97 per day. £1.97 per day, multiplied by 365 days (1 year) gives a total of £719.05, which when divided by 12 months gives a monthly figure of £59.92. At this stage, there is no VAT added to this figure.

Setup fee

Your BarWaiter app is created for you, by me. There is a modest £99 set up fee for each BarWaiter account, payable on order.

All you need to do is supply me with your logo which I will put into the header and adjust the background colors to match. I’ll also need your business address and email to set-up the system.

Finally you just need to tell me what prefix you want to use for the URL (website address), subject to availability. i.e. where ‘yourpub’ is the name of, well, your pub.

Content population

There will be a number of demo products to get you started.

Alternatively, if you want me to do some or all of it for you there will be a small charge of £7 per product. You’ll just need to supply me with the information: description, variations where appropriate like single or double and mixers, and ideally an image.

Hidden fees?

You’ll be reassured to know there are no hidden fees and no transaction fees. With no contract either, you simply pay by the month. You can cancel at any time.

I want you to prosper because I like pubs, so I made BarWaiter as fair as I can.