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BarWaiter works for your business
and your customers too

Tried, tested, and refined

Commencing on the 4th of July 2020, BarWaiter has completed a successful field trial at the Eagle Pub in Norwich.

The Eagle Pub Norwich

UPDATE: 1st September 2020:

“BarWaiter was invaluable over the ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ period, at times it was doing the work of at least three members of staff”

James, Owner

“We love BarWaiter, so do the staff and most of our customers as well. Once our customers have made their first order they realise how easy and convenient it is to use.”

Andy, Bar Manager

“I think it’s great. It saves so much time and I’m not sure how we would cope without it.”

Bar Team member

This is what the Eagle’s Owner, James Linder, had to say:

“The BarWaiter application allowed us to open our doors and trade in difficult circumstances. The initial trial proved completely successful and BarWaiter has integrated perfectly into our business. The app is comfortably affordable and there are no additional transaction fees.

I was pleased by how the app has been received by our customers who find it simple and easy to use, directly from their phones. We have had some great feedback from our customers who can clearly see we are doing everything we can to ensure their safety. Many can not believe how bespoke it is to our business.

BarWaiter has also been received well by our staff. It saves time and allows us to process orders quickly which are delivered to the tables with contactless payment taken by our existing terminals. Customers have no wait time in placing orders compared to others who are reliant on already stretched staff.

The administration side is very easy to work with. We had most of our stock and all the variations loaded within a day because creating and updating listings is very straightforward. Even seemingly complex tasks, like creating variations of volume and mixers, have been simplified to make it easy to work with. It also allows us to control stock so the customers are never disappointed. 

BarWaiter fulfils our obligations under the COVID-9 restrictions and GDPR, so we are very confident that the data is secure, but if something should happen we can contact all of those who have visited the pub.

I would recommend BarWaiter to any pub, cafe, or restaurant that needs an efficient way of taking orders without any dramatic changes to the way they run their business. I can see that we will keep this app in place even after the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.”

James Linder, Owner
The Eagle Public House, Newmarket Road, Norwich.

Customer testimonials

The app has been well received by the Eagle’s customers. Here is some of the feedback:

“Found the app a really easy way to order and very efficient too”

David K

“Their new web app is really handy and means you don’t have to keep coming up to the bar”

Lucy H

“The app was incredibly easy to use and I actually enjoyed not having to get up to go to the bar, our drinks arrived in a couple of minutes! It made the elderly people in our group feel as though the Eagle pub was really looking out for them and they feel safe to visit again soon!”

M Wiliams

“Everything is contactless and designed to limit the amount of walking you have to do, especially with their easy-to-use web app ordering.”

J Waller

“Well, that couldn’t be much easier. If only all pubs had an app like this”

Rob T